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My body is ravaged My soul is torn I have smothered my spirit My mind is clouded My heart full […]

I Am 23


As I sit here, now aged forty two, and think about my life, many emotions flood my heart. There are […]

Not My Type

french bb

In 1971, two events occurred that changed my life forever:  I got married and I became a typesetter. There was […]

Our vision of beauty! Why has it turned so ugly?

beauty isn't a size

Like most people, I like to look my best. For me looking my best coincides, or in fact begins with, […]

My Love Story – Yoga & Recovery


What it used to be like, what happened and what it is like now is the traditional framework for sharing […]

An “Old-Timer” in a “New Comer’s” World

old timer

I came into recovery in 1988.  I was miserable, broken, and lonely.  I was pretty much friendless and hopeless.  I […]

Calling all bloggers, writers, artists…

Caption here

Some of you know I’ve been writing for the past three years or so about my recovery experience. I’ve opened […]

Calling all beta testers…


I’m really excited to announce the InTheRooms Beta Testing Program. What this means, is that if you join, you will […]