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Secrets are Reservations

Secrets are Reservations 89

Occassionaly we end up in a relapse process and before we know it were right back using again. If we make it back to get clean and we start working a program again, we try to find what the problem was and why we ended up back at the beginning of recovery. What happened? What […]

Relapse Prevention

Relapse Prevention 5

There are several things we can do to prevent ourselves from relapsing. We also have many strategies that we use in recovery to maintain our sobriety and keep ourselves healthy. The first rule of recovery is that we must change our lives. What about our lives need to be changed? Well just about everything really. […]

A Design for Living

A Design for Living 1

“I’d always believed that a life of quality, enjoyment, and wisdom were my human birth right and would be automatically bestowed upon me as time passed. I never suspected that I would have to learn how to live – that there were specific disciplines and ways of seeing the world I had to master before […]


Gratitude……JFT!! 0

Before I came to the rooms of NA I really didn’t know a whole lot about having gratitude for much of anything or anyone. Everything was always everyone elses fault and I never wanted to take responsibility for anything. All I cared about was getting high all of the time and it didn’t matter who […]

The Miracle of Recovery

The Miracle of Recovery 0

I search through the memories of my childhood looking for happy moments. While scanning through them I find there are more bad memories then good ones. Is it that we choose to remember the bad memories over the happy memories, or are we programmed that way? Does our mind store the bad memories in a […]

Sobriety: A State of Grace

Sobriety: A State of Grace 1

Every now and then, something will happen that reminds me how different my life is now that I’m not drinking. On her way out the door this morning, my wife, Chelle, called, “Be back late tonight!” I called back, “I’ll be here!” Pause. “And, I’ll be sober!” She said, “I know”; the door closed, and […]

Epiphany 1

I learned something today, had an epiphany of sorts. It came to me as most things do these days, in a conversation with a friend. My friend’s plight (it’s been my plight too many times) sparked something in one of the few brain cells I have left. A simple comment, made me remember something I’d […]

A Better Way of Life

A Better Way of Life 0

When we come to the rooms of AA/NA, most of us have hit our bottom. We are completely broken down and have lost just about everything and everyone in our lives. Most, possibly all, of our family members had completely lost hope that we would ever find our way. That we was lost to the […]

Becoming Myself Again

Becoming Myself Again 2

In sobriety, we begin to interact with the world around us again. We stop isolating ourselves and start living an actual life. When we was using we felt it necessary to stay away from anyone and everyone unless they were somehow involved in our addiction. We kept around people like us or those who hadn’t […]

I’m Not Seve Ballesteros!

I’m Not Seve Ballesteros! 1

Like a lot of businessmen in their mid-forties, my sporting days were behind me.  In my day I’d been a very active triathlete, cyclist and rugby player. But having achieved a good standard at these sports, the mix of age and frustration at not being able to reach previous benchmarks led me away from them […]