Witch’s Kitchen 0

I was at our local markets yesterday and saw these Witches.

They are colourful.

They are tough.

They handle any and all weathers.

And they are hanging out together.

They remind me of a German friend in recovery who told me about Witch’s Kitchen- the gathering of Women in German Villages where they talk of this and that. The sacred place where we can let out all our thoughts and feelings, even those not held to be “Recovery Correct”. Three of us were together in my brick flat in South Coogee (Sydney, Australia). I think it was the first time clean and sober that I said precisely what was going on with me without ‘self-editing’. Then we all metaphorically washed our hands, breathed deeply and went back into our individual lives. Another load of garbage had been cleaned out of our spiritual systems.

I’ve practiced Witch’s Kitchen ever since. In other homes and with other people. It’s good stuff is the Witch’s Kitchen.