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Generic Viagra has been produced as an analog of the well-known drug Viagra, the same quality, efficacy and safety in use as Viagra. It is the preparation much cheaper and even buy without a prescription. Generics has several advantages: a lower price compared to the brand name Viagra, full brand identity of the structure, recovery of erectile dysfunction and large e safety.
The Potency is taken orally. Before the alleged sexual contact (30-60 minutes), you should take Viagra generics. The effect lasts up to 4 hours. Generic Viagra is usually used to treat impotence. The drug increases the blood flow to the penis and thus the erection is improved significantly. Generic Viagra should be taken only once per day. The drug contains phosphodiesterase - 5 inhibitors, which encourages blood flow to the penis and the erection relieves. Viagra is very effective in the case of erectile dysfunction of any cause. Viagra is for everyone When they married persons over 65 queries, in order to make the dependence of happiness from sex life clear, it is quite clear that the couples who have sex more often, are more satisfied with their lives and their marriage than the other.

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The studies also show that the relationship remains even when the researchers take into account such factors as age, financial situation, gender and health status. Of course, there is the number of physical and psychological reasons for erectile dysfunction, which can also meet the young age people. Over 65 years, but exacerbate the problems with erection, ejaculation and orgasm previous more. If that happens, one must first come to the doctor for the investigation and find out the correct cause of impotence. Some men solve the problem by buying Viagra online. This is entirely without prescription and discreetly. If one takes this wonder drug, you get a stronger and lasting erection, which makes the love even after many years of marriage beautiful and versatile. Men who buy Viagra online can not let their secrets with you and present themselves at any age as a Sexriesen.

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