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Join In the Rooms now to participate in our live AA chats. The AA live Chat is another way for AA members in recovery to connect with each other, in the same way they may connect with a sponsor in time of need. However, it can also be used for general purposes such as, sharing experiences and creating new friendships within the AA fellowship.

In the Rooms hopes that the AA chat rooms serve the purposes of educating and providing various outlooks on Alcoholism and the progression of Alocoholics Anonymous. It can be difficult to find reliable resources for AA information, but with more than 40,000 members, who have an accumulated recovery time that now totals over 100,00 years, In the Rooms can offer exactly that kind of reliable recovery support network.

In The Rooms is the premier, most comprehensive online social network for the Recovery community worldwide. Our mantra is H.I.T.C.H and our mission is to Help, Inform, Touch, Connect, and Heal those already in Recovery, seeking Recovery and the family and friends supporting Recovery around the world.