My name is Anita and I am an addict. Since 1982, I have been in and out of some kind of 12 step program. I might have some sobriety or clean time, but I would always end up relapsing. In August of 2014, I experienced an overdose that almost claimed my life. Before this time I had been introduced to ITR because I lived in a rural area and I had very little finances to travel to meetings face to face. After going to treatment, I began frequenting NA Live at ITR and people there remembered me. The more I attended meetings, the more I was in the literature and the more I learned. I did have one reservation left: I needed to take narcotics after surgery. Once again, because of the availability of meetings, I listened and realized that I was going to die when I got heavily into my addiction again. I came back and now we have two face to face meetings in my hometown and I remain very involved in ITR and NA Live. Thank you so much for In The Rooms. You have made a difference in my life.