Hi there, my name is Deborah H and I am an addict.  I have been an addict since I was a little kid.  I also am one of those people who suffers from grave emotional and mental health issues.  I have Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to many traumas in life from childhood to adulthood. I had tried to get sober many times ending in relapse. With the last round of trauma, I stayed sober thanks in whole to In The Rooms (the only thing that was different was being here this time).  It helped me so much to be immediately connected when I needed it to people in fellowship who helped me through the rough times. I came out the other side unscathed I am so grateful to In The Rooms. I tell everyone in recovery about it and how it helped me.  I was a 4 year relapser and I made it through—now 6 years sober this past February. I am so grateful to In The Rooms for helping me heal during the last round of deaths in my immediate family with meetings and discussions on a variety of subjects and fellowships of all kinds to help the healing process without drinking or drugging. It has been a blessing to learn and grow here as a person and I am totally grateful for all that this place has and does for me.  Thank you.