My name is Laura and I am an alcoholic. I found ITR at just over 2 years sober, and it has been such an incredible blessing.

This past Christmas I was in crisis. I was very close to picking up a drink. I live in Canada, and unfortunately we don’t have Alano Clubs or AlAthons over Christmas. I was fortunate enough to come across a social media post about ITR having 24 hour AA meetings over Christmas and New Years. I spent the next week attending meetings on ITR, and the desire to drink passed, but I kept coming back. I have found a wonderful new kind of fellowship with other alcoholics all over the world.

Because of ITR I have been able to travel to a remote part of Mexico without AA meetings and stay sober! I know that wherever I go, I have access to meetings and the message. ITR has opened so many new doors for me. I have heard so much wisdom and insight from people whom I normally would not have the opportunity to meet.

ITR has been an amazing addition to my program. I sponsor two women who I have met on here, and made many friends. My Higher Power has put ITR into my life and I am forever grateful.