I haven’t forgotten the desperate state my life was in when I was brand new in recovery. Addiction had brought me to a point in life where I didn’t think there was any hope for a better future. In that first week when I was still counting clean time in single digit days, I was introduced to In The Rooms by someone I had met through another website, and I’m grateful that ITR has been such a big part of my personal transformation from active addiction to the new life I’m living these days.

The live online meetings were what first attracted me here, as I was also going to face-to-face meetings on a daily basis and wanted to immerse myself into recovery as much as I could. The ITR meetings gave me an extra boost of hope and inspiration during those long hours in between my face-to-face meetings. I also began to utilize the personal blog space on ITR to write about all sorts of things affecting my recovery, which not only helped me sort out some things in my mind, but also got me into the habit of writing on recovery which was so important once I found a sponsor and started working steps.

I’ve been a regular on In The Rooms since that early beginning of my recovery. I’m also very active in face-to-face recovery in my local community, and being on ITR allows me to enjoy the best of both worlds: online as well as face-to-face recovery. It helps to broaden my experience, and through this site I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many people across the USA and worldwide that I never would have had the chance to meet otherwise. I’ve also been privileged to be of service to the online recovery community through online sponsorship as well as chairing online video meetings here. And one of the greatest gifts of In The Rooms is when I get to connect with people I’ve known on this site and meet up with them in person or make connections in other ways.

Thank you RT and Kenny for the wonderful resource that you’ve provided to all of us here! I love the new life that recovery is giving me, and I’m grateful that In The Rooms has been a part of my personal recovery from the very beginning!