Member Testimonials

Matt S.

I haven’t forgotten the desperate state my life was in when I was brand new in recovery. Addiction had brought me to a point in life where I didn’t think there was any hope for a better future. In that first week when I was still counting clean time in single digit days, I was […]

Mark S.

My name is Mark S. I went to In The Rooms one evening recently with the intention of attending a 10 PM NA meeting, only to realize I had the day wrong and had already missed the 8 PM offering. Rather than go away empty, I looked at the other 10 o’clock offerings. As I […]

Laura C.

My name is Laura and I am an alcoholic. I found ITR at just over 2 years sober, and it has been such an incredible blessing. This past Christmas I was in crisis. I was very close to picking up a drink. I live in Canada, and unfortunately we don’t have Alano Clubs or AlAthons […]

Kristin M.

In The Rooms, to me, is like a breath of fresh air—every day! I am disabled, caring for my granddaughter and keeping a home for my family.  I cannot get out to face-to-face meetings, and to be able to turn on my Mac and go into the meetings that are available all-day every day has […]

Deborah H.

Hi there, my name is Deborah H and I am an addict.  I have been an addict since I was a little kid.  I also am one of those people who suffers from grave emotional and mental health issues.  I have Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to many traumas in life from childhood to […]

Anita C.

My name is Anita and I am an addict. Since 1982, I have been in and out of some kind of 12 step program. I might have some sobriety or clean time, but I would always end up relapsing. In August of 2014, I experienced an overdose that almost claimed my life. Before this time […]