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You want to stop an addictive habit, but probably realize it doesn’t go away with log... More

East Indiana Recovery, located in Richmond, is a private medication assisted treatment practice specializing in the diagnosis, treatment and ongoing recovery management of opiate d... More

Venture Academy provides help for troubled teens in Canada including troubled teens who are experiencing family conflict, negative peers, school suspensions, low self-esteem, suici... More

Searching for the drug rehab in Boise does not have to be overwhelming. Zelus Recovery is a quality drug rehab in Idaho. They provide family-centered programs, early intervention t... More

Wellness Counseling & Residential Detox provides a licensed, supported environment for those who are ready to ease into the recovery road. Our Residential Treatment program str... More

The people behind West Wind Recovery are comprised of seasoned professionals with years of experience in psychology, therapy, and healthcare. Our aim is to provide a place and comm... More

In today's society, mental health disorders and addiction continue to wreak havoc on the lives of millions. With so many individuals struggling with these issues, care from a facil... More

The TruVida Recovery Mission Our mission is to provide the highest level of personalized care and treatment in a healthy, uplifting and safe environment where each client and thei... More

Learn more about Vogue Recovery Center which has two locations in Las Vegas, Nevada and Phoenix, Arizona. The Las Vegas facility provides all levels of substance abuse treatment wi... More

Victory Bay Recovery Center chemical dependency outpatient treatment program provides a trauma informed approach utilizing Evidence-Based Treatment (EBT) modalities and the 12-step... More

Additional Treatment Options

Vineet Mehta M.D.

345 6th Avenue, Indialantic, FL, 32903

Phone: (321) 951-2100

George Krikor Kamajian D.O.

20001 Gulf Boulevard, Suite 7, Indian Shores, FL, 33785

Phone: (727) 517-1500

Pierre Pean M.D.

1957 Jackson Street, Hollywood, FL, 33020

Phone: (954) 696-8879

Laurence Allen Weiss M.D.

3530 North 45th Avenue, Hollywood, FL, 33021

Phone: (954) 961-1792

Ivgenija Fastovsky M.D.

3700 Washington Street, Suite 304, Hollywood, FL, 33021

Phone: (954) 961-1500

Daniel I. Bober D.O.

3595 Sheridan Street, Suite 109, Hollywood, FL, 33021

Phone: (954) 967-6776

Douglas M. Lanes M.D.

3700 Washignton Street, Suite 304, Hollywood, FL, 33021

Phone: (954) 961-1500

Hermann Jean Mellon M.D.

5892 Stirling Road, Suite # 2, Hollywood, FL, 33021

Phone: (954) 239-0478

Liliana Marcu Awan M.D.

4050 Sheridan Street, Suite C, Hollywood, FL, 33021

Phone: (954) 889-0211

Olga Lapeyra M.D.

Hollywood Pavilion, 1201 North 37th Avenue, Hollywood, FL, 33021

Phone: (305) 891-0050

Cynthia Denise Wirth M.D.

625 South State Road 7, Hollywood, FL, 33023

Phone: (954) 966-7911

Sonia Veronica Tolgyesi M.D.

625 South State Road, Hollywood, FL, 33024

Phone: (954) 966-7911

Ashok Poluri M.D.

National Pain Institute, 2435 US 19, Suite 100, Holiday, FL, 34691

Phone: (727) 939-2230

Michael Wayne Stephenson M.D.

2324 US 19 North, Holiday, FL, 34691

Phone: (727) 935-4860

Fariya Saleem Afridi M.D.

1340 Ridgewood Avenue, Holly Hill, FL, 32117

Phone: (386) 676-7129

Ioan Pop M.D.

1356 Monroe Street, Hollywood, FL, 33019

Phone: (954) 347-2125

Sayonara Baez M.D.

3400 North 29 th Avenue, Hollywood, FL, 33020

Phone: (954) 276-3400

Danette Arthur

2632 Hollywood Boulevard, Unit 305, Hollywood, FL, 33020

Phone: (954) 923-7333

Robert B. Dehgan D.O.

3052 Highway 17, Green Cove Springs, FL, 32043

Phone: (904) 264-6069

Russell H. Sachs M.D.

3052 Highway 17, Green Cove Springs, FL, 32043

Phone: (904) 264-6069

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