Palmetto Recovery Center

86 Palmetto Road, Rayville, LA, 71269

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We believe that the key to successful treatment is accurate evaluation, which assesses all aspects of the patient’s symptoms and living situation. We provide a careful medical examination to identify any medical problems resulting from substance abuse, and to properly manage any concurrent medical conditions. This is followed by a thorough psychosocial and substance abuse evaluation to identify the problems that must be addressed in the treatment of the patient and the family. Finally, if indicated, psychological testing and psychiatric evaluations are used to ensure that all psychiatric conditions are discovered and properly treated. This information is used to formulate an individual treatment plan.

Every morning, our multi-disciplinary team meets to review each patient’s progress so that our approach and treatment is continuously updated. Goal oriented and patient specific methods provide the basis for patient care and prevention of relapse.

Palmetto’s program includes the use of group, individual and family psychotherapy. Social skills, physical fitness and nutrition are stressed. Daily attendance at 12-step meetings is mandatory. Special issues such as gambling, sexual addiction and relapse prevention are addressed. This comprehensive strategies gives our patients the ability to live a sober fulfilling life.

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