Renaissance Recovery

10175 Slater Ave ,Suite 111, Fountain Valley, CA, 92708

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Renaissance Recovery provides a structured, supportive, family-based environment for young adults to grow, develop healthy habits and life skills and learn the coping mechanisms needed to lead and support a functional and successful lifestyle’s sober. We are a long-term, solution-based addiction treatment program.

We provide intensive outpatient treatment for addiction recovery as well as more conventional outpatient addiction treatment. Allowing clients to have the flexibility in recovery so they can still see family or continue on with their professional career.

We utilize a gender-specific, holistic approach to recovery that employs multiple therapeutic methods help heal the mind, the body and the spirit simultaneously. By doing so we are able to get to the core of addiction and treat it at a personal level so that you are equipped with the tools and individual development to recover confidently.

Every treatment program is individualized to the needs of the client. We start by getting to know you, your history with addiction and what happened during previous attempts at recovery. From there, we develop a treatment plan that is unique to you. Our process is fit to the individual and our success is your success. Our treatment programs will promote lasting recovery and a fulfilling lifestyle.

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