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In today’s society, mental health disorders and addiction continue to wreak havoc on the lives of millions. With so many individuals struggling with these issues, care from a facility is crucial. Not only do you want to receive the treatment you need to recover, but you want to heal as well. Wings Recovery offers holistic therapy programs that help you heal as you work through your treatment.

About Wings Recovery
Wings Recovery is created and owned by two mental health clinicians � a doctor and a therapist. Our combined experience working in the mental health and substance abuse treatment field led us to develop a program that provides exceptional care to individuals struggling with severe mental health and/or addiction issues. We are client-centered and have helped individuals overcome extreme trauma and serious mental health and addiction issues. Our team never gives up hope on our clients and provides a commitment to improving the well being of those we work with.

Treatment at Wings Recovery
Our passion is helping clients recover and heal from substance abuse or mental health disorders. Our team will create a treatment plan and determine which of our programs is best suited to help each client. We understand that treatment is never one-size-fits-all, because no two clients are the same. Each client comes to us with a different background, set of circumstances, and story.

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