“Hello, Hollow. It’s been a while hasn’t it? So nice of you to finally come back. “

“What’s that you say? Like what I’ve done with the place do you? I mean I can’t take all the credit you see you were the inspiration for my greatest work yet!”

“I know, you think it’s not possible, but I can assure you that the blueprint for my new fortress was drawn entirely from your mistakes, broken promises, and regrets.”

“Maybe I  should have asked you before I just assumed it was ok to access your own personal pain vault. But I just thought that since I was the financier of the whole account you wouldn’t mind.”

“Plus to be honest I checked your transaction record and it looks like you haven’t paid your dues in a while.”

“No, you don’t have a credit! What – do you think all this was free!?!”

“I spent years convincing you that I was worth leaving everything you love behind. Biggest joke is I didn’t tell you my investment was this island right here. That’s right Hollow, you and I can finally spend our lives together right here on the Island of Regret.”

“Oh don’t be upset.”

“I know it’s Kind of hard to stand on your own but your balance was never all that good to begin with. Lean on me I’ll be here to see you through.”

“What do you mean I’ve let you down? Broken promises? I really can’t remember. But our relationship will be different this time don’t worry. Your stronger now, you maintain, you can manage, you’ll be alright.”

“I know what will help! How about a nice big cup of Regret? I’m brewing some right now!”

“And while we’re waiting on that take a seat in my nice comfy chair of misery. What’s that Hollow? You feel a chill?”

“Here I’ve been holding on to this for a while for you. You remember it do you? Of course you do silly it’s your blanket of Fear.”

“Now wrap yourself up nice and snug in there and your good friend Addiction will take care of the rest.”

“I’m so glad your back I was so tired of being alone and having no one around who would listen to me. I’m so lucky I always have you to count on. You’ve always believed in me. Even all the times I’ve let you down and went back on promises you’ve never left me. “

“You think that the people around you are going to accept us together? It’s never going to happen. So let that go. Here, let me rub your back.”

“What’s wrong? Your upset about me lying!?”

“People tell me all the time that they love me and they leave Hollow, so stop your blubbering! I have never left you once.”

“Who else in your life has that kind of commitment? Who do you always turn to when things get hard and you can’t manage? Me! Whose their when your overwhelmed? Or sick? Or angry? Or anxious? Me! That’s who! And the sooner realize I’m the only one who cares the better off we’ll be.”

“So don’t be getting any bright ideas about leaving again, ok.”

“It was honestly so comical watching you try to get away last time. Did you really think the boat of Good Intentions was gonna take you safely home?”

“Come on Hollow we’ve been through this how many times now? No, you cannot use Self-Will to run the Boat of Good Intentions. It’s gonna sink every time.”

“You aren’t strong enough to do it alone so stop trying. That’s a storm that you can’t wage.”

“Anyways, the misery’s ready. Would you like cream in yours?”

To Be Continued.

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