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My essay “Managing the Madness so I can Eat Cake” was turned into a Spoke Word piece and named “The Beauty & the Madness” – By Aaron Lee Perry (SOBrSOLDIER) for the Since Right Now Network. Check out both these awesome recovery resources.






“I am forty one years old and yet part of me is still five. I read fairytales and sometimes write my own. Unrestrained, I cry and laugh about something everyday. My heart rules my head. I study people and stare a lot just like an inquisitive child. Someone told me just yesterday I unconsciously make funny faces. I dance and sing and even play dress up when the mood takes me. I am untidy and swear too much. I am rebellious, slightly insane, utterly myself and completely unapologetic about all of it – simply because I am six years clean and sober.”


Words and vocals by Nicola O’Hanlon. Music written and performed by Aaron Lee Perry.



Nicola is our Blog and Article Editor at Her work has been published internationally in many recovery publications and poetry books. She is a qualified Reflexologist, Masseuse and Life Coach. She has created content for for 7 years. She was Editor at She is also an author at The Girl God books. She has lived with type 1 diabetes since she was 7 years old.


  1. I just wanted to keep listening to this over and over again! Beautiful

  2. Love this my friend..It amazing to see how far you’ve come since I first meet you three years ago…


    • Nicky Reply

      Hey Nerm. Good to hear from you. Wow three years has flown. Much love xoxo

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