My name is Kenny P., And along with my good friend and business partner R.T., we created 14 years ago on October 6th. In all of this time, We have never done a redesign of the site. The primary reason for this was a lack of funds. Contrary to some public opinion, we aren’t getting rich from this site, in fact, we’ve been barely breaking even. Because we’re behind a firewall, our member’s personal information is private. We’ve never wavered in protecting your anonymity. If we had given in, and allowed your information to be public, RT and I would probably both be wealthy men!

InTheRooms has been a labor of love for the two of us, carrying the message of recovery all over the world.

When we first started building ITR, we dreamt of having Nationally recognized advertisers, but we needed to build the membership base first. We’re now over 900,000 members, and nationally known advertisers are seeking us out! Even though national companies are seeking us out, we are still going to limit our advertising, however, we still must keep the lights on and pay our bills. Our expenses have recently skyrocketed just like everyone else’s

Something else has been occurring over the years. We are now the first choice for the NIH (National Institute of Health), as well as some of the Country’s finest Schools and Universities to promote their studies on addiction-related topics, and our members have been so wonderful in their participation. Thank you!

Now, with that out of the way, the big news! We are very close to rolling out the first stages of our redesign. Please be patient with us, this will be a work in progress. Some of you might be frustrated that things aren’t where they “used to be” however we designed the site so that it should be a very quick learning curve.

Let me get to the best part of this new design…the site will now be “responsive”. What that means is that the entire site will be available on phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. No more need for APPS! We find that the best browsers to use are Google and Safari when using our website. This took a tremendous amount of work, and as I said, there might be a glitch or two while we work out any kinks, but we’re very pleased with the job our team has accomplished thus far.

Please take your time with the new design when it rolls out. Click around and explore. The best news is that you can’t break anything and there’s an FAQ tab to explain all of the site’s functionality. RT and I are very excited to roll this out very soon. We appreciate your patience and loyalty. In loving service, Kenny P.


  1. Thank You Kenny, RT and the whole ITR team who is working hard to update the site.
    You have blessed many of us with the opportunity to stay in the middle of our recovery
    and be of service too! Looking forward to the “New” site and improvements.

    Lots of Love and Blessings to you all!

  2. Thank you both for your dedication and diligence to improving ITR – to make it accessible to all.

  3. I would just like to Thank Kenny P. and RT for keeping In the rooms going all these years I am ever so Grateful to the both of you .I love this site and everyone on here Recovery Rocks.

    Ellen O’Brien

  4. Michaele Smith Reply

    Thank you for being there for so many. I would like to recommend ” What Happened to You”, a book about the trauma so many users have experienced by Oprah Winfrey and a great child psychologist named Dr Perry. Also, anything by Dr. Gabor Mate, an expert on addiction. Wonderful information.

  5. Beautiful progress, this new site is significantly improved on countless levels. Appreciate all you’ve both done here. Thank you,

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