In the course of a day, situations and events present many opportunities to have a change of attitude. Sometimes we think about doing so, even though we’re not sure why we need to entertain this notion. At other times, we let it go, and move on to the next issue in front of us. When this happens, we either forget going back to the previous thought that suggested we consider an attitude adjustment to begin with, or we minimize it–rejecting the idea altogether. 

Harriet has been bringing Miracles of Recovery to Intherooms (ITR) now for sixteen months.

Steps to open our heart.

In Harriet Hunters new e-book companion to her award-winning and Best Seller Miracles of Recovery, “Changing Our Perspective, Steps to Open Our Heart to Our Highest Self takes a bold move forward to show why exerting a change in our perspective is so important to our mental and emotional well-being.

In his endorsement of Changing Our Perspective, Rob Weiss Chief Clinical Officer of Seeking Integrity Treatment Programs and an author himself, explains it this way, “Old ideas and beliefs will keep us stuck in our problems–addiction, depression, anxiety, and the like. If we can see ourselves and our lives from a new perspective, however, we can break free of the past and move forward with a new attitude and outlook.”

Changing our Perspective….

came about as a result of many years spent behind prison walls with female inmates while bringing the A.A. Program of Recovery. Harriet saw, both in prison and in her own rooms of recovery, that recidivism rates persist (and of late, made far worse by COVID,) because release and persistent relapses most often meant coming home, back to the same place doing the same thing all over again. 

People may have worked the steps, even continue to have a sponsor, but the behaviors driven by ego that insists our way didn’t work, haven’t changed enough to find the courage to do life differently. It is always old behaviors, or as Dr. Rob states, “old ideas and believes will keep us stuck in our problems…”

Recognizing our unconscious reliance on old beliefs.

Changing our Perspective was written to offer a way out of our old ideas, behaviors and the stinking-thinking that seeks to collapse our world back to the hopelessness and suffocating fear that brought us to recovery in the first place. Harriet remarks that, “It is clear that the type of change we all seek comes from recognizing our unconscious reliance on old beliefs, beliefs that did nothing more than fail us.” So, presuming we’re aware of these old beliefs and behaviors we would like to be rid of, Changing Our Perspective offers the tools to change at a deep level. While not easy, this is but some of the “work” the Big Book refers to when it says “there is a long road of reconstruction ahead.

If we approach our sobriety with the same excitement and commitment a warrior does to succeed in his or her quest, I believe this could be your opportunity of a lifetime. How do I know this? Because this is still what works for me today after 22 years of sober recovery. 

Packed with suggestions, full-proof exercises and ideas, Changing Our Perspective expects the reader will find their way up out of their own darkness and into the light of Hope, where their own walk to wholeness cannot fail. 

The only real requirement is a willingness to trust their own process as they find their new ritual to bring them back to the self they’ve only dreamed of meeting.

For anyone who has Kindle Unlimited Changing Our Perspective is FREE from now till December. Find these and other companion books to Miracles of Recovery by visiting Amazon at


Beth H., who goes by the pseudo-name Harriet Hunter, is a writer based in Tallahassee, Florida and the author of the highly popular and award-winning daily read, "Miracles of Recovery."

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  1. Rodney Stone Reply

    So opportunity to change came last evening when I tested myself and put myself in a high risk situation. I went to a bar that I used to frequent. A lot of my friends were there . When I ordered a water I guess I didn’t expect the response that I got from some of them ( what water?) others were good for you! I didn’t stay long but got a better understanding of my control of myself I will be sober!

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