Want something a bit different? We’ve got you covered.

If you would rather take a more secular approach to recovery or you’re just looking for something a bit different, we have plenty of meetings perfect for you. In The Rooms has an array of live online meetings that are based in programs like Yoga Recovery, Wellbriety, Life Ring, and Life Recovery. 

These, along with other alternative recovery programs, meet weekly on In The Rooms. Let’s break down what a few of our most popular alternative recovery programs are.

  • Healthy Love looks at the healing power of love and the twelve steps when it comes to recovery. It welcomes those from all programs and addictions and focuses on empathy for ourselves and others. Healthy Love meets every Thursday at 9 PM EST.
  • Life Recovery is a Christian-based recovery program that uses the Bible to work through the 12 steps. Members of the group can move through recovery at their own pace, and each group takes a different approach to recovery. Life Recovery meets every Sunday at 7 PM EST.
  • Life Ring is a secular recovery program that aims to bring healing by focusing on the power of the self and what can be done in the present. It encourages an individualized approach to recovery that isn’t based in the 12 steps. Life Ring meets every Tuesday at 12 PM EST. 
  • Sex, Love, and Addiction is a meeting that takes a tough look at the questions surrounding sex, intimacy, and addiction. It’s led by Dr. Rob Weiss, an author and therapist. This group is for recovering addicts and their loved ones. Sex, Love, and Addiction meets every Friday at 9 PM EST. 
  • Wellbriety is a treatment program that uses culturally based principles to help indigenous people find recovery. Members from other fellowships, like NA and AA are  welcomed and encouraged to attend. Wellbriety meets every Thursday at 9 PM EST.
  • Yoga Recovery uses principles of yoga as a way for members to share their recovery experience and find hope. It approaches yoga as a healing modality and a system of ethics. The meeting is discussion-based and ends with a 10-minute movement and meditation session. Yoga Recovery meets every Sunday at 11 AM EST.

And this is just a sample of the alternative groups In The Rooms offers— weekly, we offer 18 different speciality groups! Take some time exploring the groups offered and pick some that resonate with you. It’s easy to join- all you need to do is create an account, log on, and show up.



  1. I’m in Recovery a long long time and, out. I’m back and discovered via 4th Step that I’m a BIG PROCRASTINATOR and many others agree like me. I can justify and make any excuse to put off now what can be done tomorrow! I have great Ideas and there it stops………..


    • Much agreed Gary, thank you for your comment.

      I can convince myself that being a procrastinator is someone that thinks through all in advance, but really am I thinking? Ususally when procrastinating, there is a correct answer in there somewhere, I just need to think less and take advantage of the truth.

    • Hi I’m in and out of all the programs at the minute and I’m using the excuse of ‘self care’ to be a lazy Sloth…. I came into recovery with 1 problem. Now I have 99 others and the first one is abolished but 4yrs in and I’m raising now how complex this simple program of recovery is…… 😣😣😣

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