This meditation was part of a program I wrote a few years back about deeply connecting with our deepest selves to find out who we really are and what we require as individuals for our recovery and to live our best lives. It asks us to consider our identity, and if how we identify ourselves is really serving us. I would love for you to listen and let me know what your experience was. I speak at the end a little bit about journaling in a very simplistic manner to enhance the meditation experience.

I hope you enjoy.


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  1. Thank you. When you said where are you I thought my heart ,but as you continued I could feel a sensation in my throat and at first I denied it but it persisted. Also at the end when you talked about what emotions you may feel I couldn’t sense any emotions and I tend to be emotional.(there’s the label 🙂 I noticed you are on InTheRooms UK.and Ireland . My hope is you would include US. as well. Blessings to you and all seeking healing.

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