Recovery is all about learning and growth.

And the learning and growth never end, even after years in recovery. Continuing to learn helps us from falling stagnant and getting stuck. Luckily, there’s always more to learn about ourselves and how we recover.

As the recovery movement grows, there’s more and more information and guidance available on achieving success in addiction recovery. Authors, educators, experts and speakers in the recovery field constantly bring new research and concepts to light that help us enhance our recovery. Whether it’s learning proper nutrition to beat cravings, discovering a new concept like prodependence, or working through shame, there’s plenty to learn, and tons of ways to further your recovery.

We learn a lot from each other as we share in our regular meetings. But we wanted to go beyond that, by giving our members the opportunity to listen to recovery experts. We wanted to present something that would make you think—that would teach you something new.

That’s why we bring you the Super Saturday Recovery Summit each month.

Our partner, Seeking Integrity, curates influential people in the recovery field to speak each month at the event. Since starting the summit back in the spring, experts from around the globe joined us online to share ideas and insights from their recovery focus area, be it relationships, trauma, nutrition or a plethora of other topics.

Anyone can attend.

You don’t have to be in recovery from addiction to attend these summits. Encourage your friends and family to join in and learn something new. After all, educating oneself on addiction and all its facets is one of the best ways to support the recovery community. Additionally, it’s easier to support a loved one who’s struggling if you know a thing or two about recovery.

Watch the sessions later.

If you can’t make the live presentation, no worries—we record all of the summits. You can watch any of the former speakers in the archive. We just posted the recordings from the September Summit, so if you missed out, be sure to go watch them!

Mark your calendar for next month’s Summit.

Next month’s Super Saturday Recovery Summit is scheduled for October 17th! Check back soon for details.


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