Although it now seems like we’ve been living through it forever, there continues to be so much about the COVID-19 pandemic that we just don’t know, especially when it will be under control. As politics, economics, lack of information and differing public health approaches continue to delay progress, it can be very easy to neglect mental health, especially for those in recovery. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has provided COVID-19 resources for those in recovery and those actively battling substance use disorder, but correctly warns that unique challenges can continue to trigger relapse.

Disruptions and confusion regarding access to care resources like therapy and counseling, MAT appointments and support group meetings can cause dangerous lapses in post-treatment routines, while depression and anxiety over these seismic compulsory lifestyle changes can easily trigger the urge for self-medication. These threats to continuity of care and general mental health can be a recipe for relapse. In order to avoid these pitfalls, here are a few things you can do to seamlessly maintain your recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stay Informed: Keep Up with Your Doctors’ and Therapists’ Policy Changes

Your therapist and care provider will post new information to reflect their ongoing policy changes, such as when and how you can schedule telehealth visits, when the offices will reopen, changes to MAT administration protocol and more. Keep calling and checking their websites to stay ahead of the curve and keep abreast of what’s going on. Doctors, nurses, therapists and other care providers are trying to feel their way through this, too, and the more you collaborate with them, the more empowered you become.

Stay Connected: Keep In Touch With Your Support System However You Can

It’s a pretty safe bet that either “zoom” or “zoom call” will be in the running for the most popular term of 2020. Virtual meetings have gotten so many of us over the hump of loneliness, allowing us to stay in touch with our loved ones, and more appropriately, our doctors and support systems. Self-isolation doesn’t have to be a literal term.

Stay in touch with people in your support system, wherever they may be, through frequent virtual meetings and calls. The situation is changing from state to state, but as cases continue to rise, it’s important to continue to exercise caution. Have a someone on speed-dial for your more vulnerable periods, and make sure you have a relapse-prevention plan in place. There are also more and more zoom recovery meetings popping up during the pandemic.

Stay Engaged and Stay Positive: Steer Clear of Toxic Thoughts that Can Lead to Relapse

Find interesting and new ways to enrich your life each day, whether it’s doubling down on an old hobby or developing new interests. Keep yourself distracted with healthy endeavors, like completing an old to-do list or getting back in touch with old friends. Spend some time looking for music and putting together a playlist for all kinds of emotions and experiences. Give your life a soundtrack and allow yourself to feel the feelings without wallowing in them.

Meanwhile…at Recovery Unplugged

Before you maintain recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic, you have to get clean, and Recovery Unplugged is ready to help you do it. We remain open during this unprecedented public-health crisis, striking the balance between our commitment to providing the highest level of care to our clients and placing the highest possible premium on their safety, as well as the safety of our staff.

We have adopted stricter-than-ever protocol, infection-control procedures and client-screening practices to ensure a safe and comfortable treatment environment. We’re offering virtual meetings, regular testing and a variety of other measures that allow clients to get the help they need without jeopardizing their health. If you or someone you care about is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, don’t be scared; be smart, and get the help you need now. Call Recovery Unplugged today at 1-855-766-6072


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