Happy 13th Anniversary In The Rooms (ITR)! I cannot believe how instrumental this website has been in my life and so many others. I joined ITR in the fall of 2011. I attended meetings and eventually became a chair for the noon AA meeting on Saturdays. When I began sharing, chairing and listening my program was suffering. I had a long commute and long work days and my meeting attendance was lower than normal. My recovery date is January 20, 1990. I was 30 almost 31. At the time of finding ITR I was much older with less energy to attend meetings in the evenings. This was a Godsend. My program skyrocketed, my spiritual life grew and I became much more grounded. My gratitude for InTheRooms.com is endless.

My evolution on InTheRooms.com

In January of 2012 we started to form GSAA, the AA business group which now has about sixty-nine meetings a week. We were a small group back then and the meetings were much smaller as well. Eighty to one-hundred people in a meeting was something to celebrate. Of course, with Covid, we have as many as four-hundred people in a meeting. March 21, 2022 GSAA will be ten-years-old. I have done much service since since then, first chair of the group, secretary, vice-chair and chairing of meetings.

I had the honor of meeting many people from ITR in the fall of 2015 here in Washington DC. We had dinner together, saw a comedy show and there were lots of hugs.

People on InTheRooms.com know me more intimately than many from face-to-face meetings. I’m not sure why that is but it’s true. In addition, being online is like miracle grow on character defects as well as positive traits. I have learned a lot about myself and what makes me tick on a much deeper level. I have found my sponsor on here, best friends and more. I have met quite a few people face to face and it’s just the same as it is on here. It does not feel awkward or weird. When meeting people from ITR in person it truly does not feel different.

Soul Sisters

In 2013, I started Soul Sisters which is a no program specific women’s only meeting. We have four meetings on the schedule. I don’t take credit as I believe the idea came through me and not from me. I don’t even remember coming up with the idea, it just sort of happened. When I feel gently led is when good stuff can happen, not when I am forcing something. We are close to three-thousand women now in the group.

I believe, Kenny and RT were gently led. They know me as I them. They have given me hell when they think I have strayed from a spiritual way of behaving. They have supported me and loved me and have become sort of fill in Dads even though they aren’t much older than me. The amount of love and friendship and my gratitude for InTheRooms.com is endless.

Way to go ITR and here’s to another year a day at a time!

With unending love and gratitude, I humbly say thank you.

Diane T.

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  1. i find that this webiste is very helpful amd very inspering. i want to explore more and eventulaly be able to blog and tell my own story to inspire and help others.

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