The Scars Foundation

The Scars Foundation was established in April of 2019, by Sully Erna of Godsmack and Executive Director Naomi Fabricant. Our intention is to help in any way we can to tap the brakes on suicides and help those who are struggling with mental health related issues. Sully lost many friends and colleagues to suicide. As such, he felt he needed to use his platform to give back and spread the message of hope. So often when we lose a friend or loved one, we are shocked, and say, we had no idea. The Scars Foundation says:

Wear your scars loudly and proudly, don’t hide your challenges and struggles, talk about it, and let us help.

In this year of extraordinary circumstances, the Scars Foundation realizes the breadth of challenges imposed on mental health. The unprecedented number of issues facing the population gives us all a lot to cope with. We hope that the music of Godsmack and the initiatives of the Scars Foundation will continue to provide help, inspiration and comfort. Our Facebook group, boxing program, tool kit, and other programs exist to help those struggling with mental health issues.

Facebook Group

Since we began, The Scars Foundation has established a Facebook group with over 3,000 members. Here, members can safely find encouragement, support, and share empowering messages. Anyone looking for support or a place to share their story is welcome to request access to the private Facebook group.

Boxing Program

Sully boxes to stay in shape for touring, and it’s one of his passions. Through this sport, he met boxing coach Julio Peña, who he collaborated with to create a boxing program for at-risk youth. The Scars Foundation funded the New Hampshire-based boxing program, helping so many kids who had no where else to turn find support and get on the right path. This program teaches self-worth, discipline, respect and hard work. It has proven to be extremely successful, transitioning these at-risk youth into successful adults.

Sully’s Message

For many years, Sully has spoken at middle schools and high schools, sharing much of his own life’s challenges and struggles. He inspires with his story, sharing the message that if you find your passion and truth, anything is possible with hard work. He also uses his music and lyrics to talk about real life situations, such as “Under Your Scars” which was the inspiration for the Scars Foundation and “Unforgettable” to show the power of music. Both songs which are the most recent releases have proven to attract listeners with their powerful messages.

Mental Health Tool Kit

Currently, the Scars Foundation is finalizing a mental health took kit, designed to be adaptable for a variety of programs. This tool kit combines the Scars Foundation original material in partnership with Dr. Buzz Mingin’s original platforms and methods. We are all excited about rolling out the program very soon. Currently, we’re working with the board of School of Rock, Guitars 4 Vets and a few others.

The goals for this tool kit align with the general mission of the Scars Foundation: provide help to people and increase the quality of lives. This program uses a full 360 approach of mental and physical well being, This way, if someone becomes challenged in a work, school, or life situation, they can implement one of the programs tools.

Our Message during National Recovery Month

With September being National Recovery Month, we are here to say: There is help. You are not alone. We can make a change one day at a time. Every day, we find ways to connect and help. Since the start of the Scars Foundation, we have referred people to In The Rooms. People reach out to us and say they need a meeting, but cannot find one. We tell them about In The Rooms, and they come back to us to say that those online meetings helped save their lives. Tools such as these help us provide as much information as we can to those who need it.

We listen, and do our best to provide a safe place with no judgement. And hopefully through that, we are impacting and saving lives. Visit our website to learn more about The Scars Foundation.

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Join us and help make a difference!


Naomi Fabricant has been working in mental health related industries for over eight years. In 2013, she launched a non-profit aimed at erasing stigma around addiction and providing scholarships to cover the cost of recovery treatment. For over a year now, she has been the Executive Director of The Scars Foundation, the non-profit organization created by the award-winning band Godsmack which focuses on all aspects of mental health. Having worked 40 years in the music industry, she has been able to forge relationships that carry through into the non-profit world.

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