I’ve been a fan and a follower of Dr. Gabor Maté forever. His understanding of the human condition and how it relates to my own life has fascinated me. His work has led me to the right path on my own healing journey. It just makes sense. This month is the release of his new documentary, which has been four years in the making. The Wisdom of Trauma – a new documentary featuring Dr. Gabor Maté, takes a close look at his work and why trauma-informed professionals are so vital.

With a growing crisis in mental, physical and emotional ill health, this documentary is a must-see for everyone. Professionals have never been more knowledgeable and aware of increased drug overdose, suicide rates, and a decrease in physical health across the world. So why, with all this knowledge and awareness is nobody getting better? The filmmakers are asking “What is going on?

To Dr. Gabor Maté the correlation between these health epidemics and trauma is neither surprising nor new. He maintains that without trauma-informed medical care we cannot overcome illness of any kind. We cannot separate the body and the mind, and we cannot separate our traumatic experiences from our bodies. He says, “It is not the trauma itself that harms us, but what happens to our body internally.”

He believes that trauma is the hidden force that dictates our path in life both mentally and physically. Dr. Mate has dedicated his life to understanding the interconnectedness between illness, addiction, trauma, and our manmade societies

Directed and produced by Maurizio and Zaya Benazzo, The Wisdom of Trauma premieres June 8 -14. Read the full story and register to view the documentary HERE.









Nicola is our Blog and Article Editor at InTheRooms.com. Her work has been published internationally in many recovery publications and poetry books. She is a qualified Reflexologist, Masseuse and Life Coach. She has created content for intherooms.com for 7 years. She was Editor at iloverecovery.com. She is also an author at The Girl God books. She has lived with type 1 diabetes since she was 7 years old.

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