In The Rooms is celebrating our twelve year anniversary online today! When we launched the In The Rooms website on October 6th, 2008, we could only dream of getting as many as 10,000 members. Back then, there was much more of a stigma identifying ourselves as “recovering” addicts and alcoholics. We’re happy to say that the stigma is slowly fading. Today, we’re going strong at 713,000 members on In The Rooms, and over 156,000 members on our Facebook page. The lie is dead, we DO recover!

There have actually been some positive things that have happened over the last year, even though we have been dealing with COVID-19. Our meetings have grown significantly and our proprietary meeting technology keeps on improving all the time. We’ve partnered with a new group, Engaged Media, who is helping us enhance many elements of the website. Most of you have noticed our brand new public homepage and treatment directory, with all kinds of helpful resources and information on recovery. We also released a brand new mobile app for both Android and iOS, which will make our live video meetings a much better user experience on phones. We’re updating the apps all the time.

All in all, RT and I are deeply humbled by our success. In The Rooms has grown much larger than we ever could have imagined twelve years ago. We’re incredibly excited by our new growth opportunities. We know that the greatest asset we have is YOU, our members! We are truly grateful for your loyalty, your commitment, and most of all, your PASSION for recovery! We wouldn’t be the same without the feeling of “community” every time we log in. For that, we owe you all a world of thanks!

In Loving Service,
Kenny P.

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