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In hindsight I can take a deep breath and be grateful that I lived through the times of intense hyperactivity and anxiety – moving as fast as a locomotive. Learning to be still and quiet was not part of my nature. Feelings of calmness and being at peace were only ideas in theory. Unless I

My friend JayJo had a four-question acid test she used to make decisions: Will it make me Smarter? Richer? Healthier? Or Sexier? If it didn’t pass the muster it was a “NO.” Saying “No” is a skill that can be acquired if it isn’t already deep in your DNA. As a recovering people pleaser, I’ve

When I was a few months sober I bravely accompanied some recovery pals from my home town to Monterey, CA where they were holding an ACYPAA conference  (All California Young People In AA .) I was barely able to make sense of a single meeting much less a group of 5,000 laughing, dancing, coffee swilling

“I just went out and had some fun.” That’s what Simone Biles said after winning the Gold Medal. Her refrain has been repeated by winning athletes for as long as I can remember watching the Olympics. “Fun.” What a concept. Clearly an Olympian’s journey to Gold is not about FUN everyday. In fact, Olympians endure grueling

“You didn’t know me when I was hot”……I overheard a mother say to her daughter in the dressing room. A pretty typical conversation girls and women have when looking in the mirror, right? “Oh God, I hate my stomach. I have so much cellulite. My thighs are huge. My legs are like shriveled chickens. My butt’s

Today I asked myself the question; What do you want – a desire that is complete or incomplete? I was stunned by my answer. Incomplete! Incompleteness has the energy of movement and attainment. Successive tiny completions along a spectrum of a goal and desire. Ironically, there is completeness in celebrating incompleteness – it’s known as PROGRESS  Progress not Perfection

I can’t believe it’s only been twenty four hours since I’ve seen you and felt your presence. You usually don’t show your face during the day. Although you do show up from time to time. That’s usually when I get overwhelmed, frazzled and unfocused. You just seem to creep up on me and I get scared when that

As I contemplated this month’s topic of Practice, it turned out to be a harder task to write about than I’d first expected. My initial perception of this topic (when my amazing friend Kyczy Hawk suggested it) was to share all the fabulous things I do every day to keep me well. But the fact

As a person growing up with all the twists and turns of the unexpected, the foundation was laid, behaviors formed and inconsistency the norm. Absolutely nothing I did was based on conforming to life or learning to “practice-practice-practice.”  However, I did understand the roller coaster ride of being obsessive when I wanted something. Although I

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