Everyone isn't like me and that is okay. I'm going to be alright. I'm going to see stuff that upsets me, big time! They're gonna get away with it. No doubt about that. Cool, calm and collective. Even if the world doesn't change while I'm here in the physical form I'll check on it time after another. The image of God as you would see yourself in another. There wasn't always mirrors but there will always be mistakes! Smile, laugh, cry and kiss! People are beautiful and that isn't expressed nowhere near enough for me to become bored with them. Forever in my heart, always on my mind. If it weren't for you I wouldn't know what a feeling is other than heartache and hate! The feelings I've had in the past I will have again and I want to be as comfortable as possible when that day and time comes to mind. If I can't tell you everything, then grow, I don't know what to say other than I am here for you and it is possible to find a greater influence to motivate you before you need the inspiration. Envy and jealousy are two different things. Period. Laugh at what you will and if you must but life happens. I don't like try. My heart is your heart but different. That's a perspective you might need!

A beautiful person inside and out! Happy and fidgety, honest. An artist of all sorts! A poet, a songwriter, a habitual thinker. I'm a people watcher! I'm a father, a son, a brother(x3) and an ex. I'm a child of God and He is my oldest friend. And that's okay, I'm okay like Nightbirde. Step-by-step directions please.!

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