July 19 Fulfilling Our Dreams "Dreams that we gave up long ago can now become realities." Basic Text, p. 68 All things begin with a dream. But how many of us fulfilled our dreams while using? Even if we managed to complete something we had started, our addiction usually robbed us of any pride in our accomplishment. Perhaps when we used, we dreamed of the day when we would be clean. That day has come. We can use this day to make our dreams come true. To fulfill our dreams we must take action, but our lack of self confidence may keep us from trying. We can begin by setting realistic goals. The success we experience when we attain our initial goals allows us to dream bigger dreams the next time around.Some of our members share that when they compare the ambitions they had when they first got clean with what they have actually achieved in recovery, they are astounded. In recovery, we often find more dreams come true than we could ever have imagined. Just for today: I will remember that all things begin with a dream. Today, I will allow myself to make my dreams come true.

I want to live, love and work in my purpose. I spend a lot of time self-reflecting. I need my morning solitude to function and be the extrovert that I am. I am searching and I think I always will be... which I'm ok with... I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, Recovery and Empowerment Coach and a Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor.

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