GRATITUDE IS MY DEFAULT SETTING GRATEFUL To Be An Alcoholic Living In Recovery as well as GRATEFUL that I eventually found out what was wrong with me when I first came through the doors of AA on Tuesday 14 December 2004 at The Rooms St Andrew's Street Glasgow. YES other people felt and thought the same way I do WOW what a blessing to know I was not alone and that I finally belonged somewhere! However I did NOT use ALL of the tools at my disposal when necessary therefore I relapsed several times whilst only attending face to face meetimgs on a daily basis! My last drink was Sunday 19 September 2010, then on Monday 20 September 2010 I just knew I could not do it anymore, I felt TOTALLY defeated by alcohol after several years of trying to stop and stay stopped! I realised I had to to do more than just turn up and attend face to face meetings. I then completely threw in the towel and became willing to work at it and learned that RECOVERYreally does work if YOU work it!

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