“there is a solution,” is a promise made clear in the big book on pg. 25. but it doesnt happen unless i put in the footwork. all i had to do was pick up the simple kit of tools my sponsor laid at my feet. another promise made is that i will find much of heaven and be rocketed into a 4th dimension of existence of which i hadnt even dreamed. how am i to continue to maintain a daily reprieve contingent on the maintenance of my spiritual condition? the answers are clearly written within the pages of the big book. it is written in the big book that for successful consummation i must be self-searchin, willin to level my pride, and confess my shortcomins. in an act of surrender i must take on a sense of humility which promotes a personality change sufficient to bring about recovery from alcoholism. such transformation means i have to accept that i cannot control my life as i once thought i could. what i must do is relinquish that control, i once thought i had, and ask for help. to obtain a daily reprieve ive gotta surrender each mornin and ask in prayer how i may be useful to those around me. ive gotta listen through meditation for His intuitive voice of reason within and be willin to conduct what i perceive that inspiration is. all i truly have is this moment, this day, where i may be effective. this abatement is only given when i use what ive learned about myself to help another and be the best person i can be. i means i must use perseverance to live through times i may not like. the many promises contained within the big book provide me a solution for victory over self through a faith in a spiritual entity i cannot see yet, can feel around me and within. its been proven to me repeatedly, faith without works is dead. its my responsibility to self and those im maintainin a livin amends to, that i persevere through life livin the change recovery offers. this is only a piece of how i maintain my spiritual condition. 1 day @ a time...

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