i havent forgotten the loneliness i once felt in the days leadin up to the latter days of doin my dirt. its a readily available recollection which creates the emotion of thankfulness and the action of gratitude for that thankfulness. i learned those days and times of loneliness were self-imposed. i aint gotta go too far into the loneliness i put myself through via self-pity and self-centered fear cause, many readin this may already now their own personal definition of loneliness. what i do want to share is how ive used the courage and strength recovery and my HP has given me to overcome it. one of the most beneficial things ive found to help me reduce loneliness is continuin buildin my relationship with my HP. prayer and meditation are the ways i construct the vital rapport i need to help me move forward with my relationship with Him. i do things like write this daily reflection/journal. the two prior actions help me in buildin and repairin relationships with others. ive learned to confront, accept, and work with my emotions. ive learned how to be a friend to others and most importantly, a friend toward myself. ive learned how to identify when loneliness comes and exchange that loneliness for quiet times of solitude so i may rest and repair my mind. ive learned how to communicate with others instead of bottlin up the way i feel thinkin nobody has time for me. i also learned how a life which includes deep resentment leads only to futility and unhappiness. each of these actions have turned into behaviors which have influenced my thinkin. it didnt come overnight, it took time practicin the spiritual principles of recovery. today with the connection to my HP, others, and myself ive learned to surrender, accept, and yes, sometimes, tolerate my humanness usin humility. today i dont allow my ego or pride to cut me off from those around me. i dont need to have the worlds applause nor seek rewards for doin what i believe is right. all i have to do is allow myself to open up and be joel. when in the past frustration, hate, ego, anger, fear, and resentment kept me alone and by myself, today happiness, love, humility, lenity, assurance, and amiability keep me a part of humanity. 1 day @ a time...

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