i love seein this readin come up every year on my birthday. its a subtle hint that on a very special day, one i would have filled the day with self-will and selfish desire before my recovery began, that i would not be here today less i made the changes necessary when my recovery began. today i get to be a humble person, understandin that through my HPs grace, i get to celebrate today without alcohol or drugs. i get to start my day with a time of inspirational spiritual readins, prayin, askin my HP to help me be of service toward others, then listen for His intuitive word to move forward. i get to get my ass to a meetin to show gratitude for what recovery has brought me. today i try to do my HPs will rather than my own. it doesnt mean that i dont plan to do things i like, like go fishin, go to a live sportin event, or go to a concert, cause i do. its just that i take the time to thank recovery and my HP for givin me a life in which i can celebrate and enjoy. like the 24-hour thought for the day says, i aint gotta let material things overwhelm me, cause i realize the higher value of spiritual things. in the past it was all the material shit i could find and use to fill the hole within on my bday. today, and for the past several years, i get to focus on the spiritual things in my life which bring about an honest and true, non-superficial, happiness and peace of mind. this year i aint got much of a cash flow, so its gonna be a rather noneventful, peaceful 55th bday. i dont expect anybody to give me anything special or make my day one to remember, regardless, im gonna make it as best as i can fillin it with recovery and gratitude. its thy will, not mine. 1 day @ a time...

corn fed not inbred michigan white trash...

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