when i am focused on my recovery i havent time to meddle in others spiritual growth. it is suggested in the big book that i must be hard on myself, but always considerate of others. it is also suggested how easy it is to get off track with my own recovery. i believe that if it is as easy as the big book suggests, i can only imagine how easy it can be with bein worried about anothers. my goal in all of this recovery is to not ever harm others like i did in the past and seek the spiritual experience i have learned about through the program. workin toward spiritual growth keeps me in line with my HPs will, this leaves little time for seekin self-will. how many times did i get into someone elses life in the past, causin chaos & destruction, this 1st sin they speak of is something i did readily. i always thought they NEEDED my superior knowledge. this 2nd sin, interferin in my own spiritual growth is something i must watch out for today as well. when i let my self-will start runnin the show i cause destruction not serenity & peace. this program has taught me how to break these two terrible habits. i am grateful today to be someone that can promote others to live a good life rather than hinder them with my bad actions. my HP has given me the gift of humility to be able to do this, and for that i am grateful. 1 day @ a time...

corn fed not inbred michigan white trash...

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