as i went through my own history while writin my initial 4th step inventory i could see how alcohol gradually became somethin i could not live without. i cant really tell the day i crossed over the line with my drinkin to become an alcoholic, because i dont know, but i do know that a line was crossed at some point. the progression of my alcoholism started and there was NO stoppin it. today i understand that not even one drink would help anythin in my life to be relief or success, less i start that fatal progression all over again. i can say that as my alcoholism did have a progression that was a fatal steady decline, my recovery has had a progression that has been life givin and sustainin. each day i must live in any situation the spiritual principles of this thing we do has taught me to. my HP helps me along a path toward that life givin progression. the spiritual experience i continue to live today grows each day i practice the fellowships spiritual principles. today i can clearly see how the progression of my alcoholism began to create the alcoholic path i was to follow. it was a subtle progression that certainly did not lead on that anythin was wrong. it seemed as if a drink would always set me right creatin a smooth easy comfort. as the progression went along it took more and more to get that sense of ease. in the end a simple drink would not suffice, it became a necessity to make it through the day. i am blessed today to not have to rely upon a simple drink to live through life. i can rely upon a program of spiritual principles that yield a true peaceful easy feelin from within. 1 day @ a time…

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