whereas i had faith that i could quickly push away anythin that caused me trouble in the past at any time with alcohol, today i have faith that the spiritual principles i practice daily can do much the same with an even greater efficiency & effectiveness. by the mere action of acceptance & surrender, my HP can handle all problems if i have the faith to give em to Him. i can then live successfully with what today has to offer, good or bad. it is suggested in this mornins readin concisely of the perils of my lack of faith, when i let my faith slip away. it is to my advantage to take heed in this ominous warnin. when i can show others how the faith in my HP lives in my life by simple action, i succeed in life and my chances of failure are lessened round the clock. i get to keep faith that my HP will provide for me the right intuition for the next right action. it is a blind faith, but it hasnt failed me yet. whatever is provided for me may not always be the way i like it or want it, but it is made available for me to help me move through each moment. i face situations each day where i need to use the intuition given to me by my HP to help me get through them, big or little. faith is somethin i must practice daily and carry with me around the clock. this thing we do showed a way to faith, where i had none before, today i do. recovery has taught me that i cannot pick and choose when i am to believe in my HPs will. i have to keep faith with me at all times. i honestly never know what is goin to happen at any given moment in time in my life, i may have a pretty good idea, but i cannot predict the future. i must live my life in such a manner that i know i am to be used at any time by God. this requires me to have as close of a constant conscious contact as possible with my HP. i can give all to Him and trust in His plan for my life always, as i follow His will as i perceive it to be. 1 day @ a time…

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