i can recall in my early recovery, times i wish recovery would slow down so i could just chill fer a min. i have been told that my disease is a patient and progressive one, if i let it take time to dig in, it WILL, and it WILL, take control. so, i reckon i must stay busy in livin the spiritual principles each day in my life. delay is the deadliest form of denial. in this thing we do i cant remain a stagnant pond and expect to receive the benefits of it by simple osmosis. the spiritual principles i follow today require action on my behalf. action that sometimes i really dont want to do, “ya, get nothin' for nothin', if thats what ya do,” is a line from a song and it is ever so true in my recovery. faith is somethin i have to keep alive with me at all times, i have to put action in front of my faith if i want my hopes to come to maturation. an action i can do to keep my faith and hope alive is be helpful to others whenever possible, almost secretly lookin for ways to be helpful rather than lettin others do all the work. my HP gives me courage, strength, and the gift of humility, to help me accomplish this concise list of musts for my own peace and serenity. today, my recovery is justified and reasonable, i am Higher Power-dependent. 1 day @ a time…

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