it was comfortin to know when i 1st came in to find out that i was not the only one who felt the way i did. today, it is to my benefit to make an effort to pass that comfort on to others who may feel the same way i did. not only must i admit my alcoholism, but i must accept it as well. today i understand how blessed i am to be able to have the unity recovery brings into my life. i tried doin it several times before finally admittin and surrenderin to the total powerlessness and unmanageability that plagued my life for so long. the loneliness i put myself through was as bitter as a cold 30deg below zero wind. today, i dont need to suffer with those feelins any longer, i have a support group of people around me, which includes not only people in recovery, but others as well. i am able to love and forgive and therefore be loved and forgiven. i have learned from this thing we do, the only one who keeps me lonely and in fear is me, i neednt ever feel that again. 1 day @ a time…

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