it took me a few mins to see if this would work or not. throwin out lil chunks and waitin to see what the results would be. when the results came back as good, i started to use my HP more and more. today i cant see livin life without His guidance. i could not agree more with this mornins readin. havin been in this thing we do and actually livin its spiritual principles in my life to the best of my ability, i can see how my will does get in the way of my HPs will. sometimes it may not be as evident as other times, but it usually is found out after much emotional, mental, and spiritual restlessness. i am grateful today fer the teachins of recovery i have learned and am able to put to good, positive use, in my life. i know today that when my problems are too much fer me i have a specific confident way to work them out and be ok with the final results. faith that my HP can, and will, take away the difficulties in my life that i cannot work out myself, is somethin i can depend on. it brings me honest hope that future problems i run into will be taken care of. it also offers me the opportunity to practice other spiritual principles suggested in our recovery program. the peace and serenity i receive from this can then be used and spread out from me so that i may be of service to others who may need the warmth and love they need and deserve. 1 day @ a time…

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