i am grateful for this lil part of the 12 steps which allows me to have my own idea of what God can mean to me personally. it really frees up a lot of space and time in my head. i dont have to believe in anyone elses God but mine. regardless of my willingness to do His will, or mine, He shines down upon me. i absolutely love this concept, “my own conception of God.” bein raised in a family that did believe in God i had ideas of what God was posed to be. i had built up these ideas to somethin i could not ever live up to even though i had aspired to live up to them. they were farfetched idealistic interpretations that eventually became too much for me to even try to accomplish. when my sponsor passed the idea on to me of “my own conception,” and the spiritual aspect of it, i started to finally understand that it was ok to be human. i can live and make mistakes without havin a rigid idea of what i was posed to be. today i am grateful and thankful for this malleable idea of what i can aspire to be. i dont have to be perfect and rigid in my beliefs, i can live and let live, i can make mistakes, learn from them, and move forward, lettin His will become a part of my life. 1 day @ a time…

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