to look back where i was emotionally, psychologically, behaviorally, physically, and spiritually before i came into this program, scares me. i was lost; i had NO future, or will, to even live 1 more day. today, as i have listened to suggestions from SOMEONE else and followed thru with them i am in a much better place. i know a true happiness and freedom. God has mysteriously done fer me what i could not have done fer myself. it has been my experience that my HP does move in mysterious ways. seemingly, without even tryin to look fer the right answers for situations which occur in my life, which may have potential poor outcomes if i live out my will, my HP steps in and works His grace with love and understandin. providin me the answers to questions and situations which i cannot find myself. i reckon those are the times i have surrendered to them and given them to Him, lettin His will be done instead of me forcin the issue further with my will to mistakable unrecoverable outcomes. as i step back later and reevaluate the outcome i am always amazed of the work He has done. 1 day @ a time…

corn fed not inbred michigan white trash...

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