independence is somethin i was always searchin fer. bein free from whatever was tyin me up. the judge, probation, police, alcoholism, drug addiction, increase the list ad infinitum. it wasnt until i started livin the 12 steps that i started to become free. it started with just a lil faith and continued to grow from there. today i understand, and know, my HP has given me the independence i so longed fer. as i have progressed from a drunken nonfunctionin bein to someone who doesnt need alcohol to live anymore, i have experienced real independence. before the only HP i had was a bottle, it controlled and decided my every move, my self-will was guided in everythin i did by my alcoholism. today i get to live a life without alcohol, not dependin on it to save me from me. i can rely on my new HP to guide through each day givin me the many options of a lovin life filled with grace i never had before. i am willin to keep faith and depend on this simple idea fer my independence. 1 day @ a time…

corn fed not inbred michigan white trash...

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