it is so important, live and let live! it was extremely hard fer me to learn to forgive myself, i mean, i didnt live in a halfway house fer 2 1/2yrs because forgivin myself was an easy task, but little by little, day by day, i learned how to do this. words cannot express the level of self-loathin and contempt i had fer myself. it took forces stronger than i to have this process begin to take effect. i needed my HP to help me relinquish control over the hatred fer things i had done to others. i was able to let God in, after throwin tidbits out, to see if it would work before i could progress forward. i still struggle with it, i aint gunna lie to ya, but today i aint gotta drink or drug it away. i am able to ask Him to help me, so therefore i move forward...and forgive. forgiveness isnt a one-time affair fer me, as hard as it may be to forgive sometimes, i understand that it is a necessary process. it has been my experience, when i keep resentment brewin, and do not forgive, i get blocked from all incomin sources of good and love. fer me, as i have learned, it is infinitely grave. as i have mentioned before, forgivin others is a rather straightforward process fer me, forgivin me though, is the real task. there is nobody i know that can be harder on me than i alone. lovin myself enough to forgive myself is an exercise in growth i need to commit to fer positive progression. usin learned spiritual principles i am able to forgive myself as tryin as any condition i may be under is. it is then i am unblocked, love flows in and out once more. 1 day @ a time…

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