painstakin, this word doesnt sound like any kind of fun ive ever had, it sounds like it hurts to me. as i learned to live the principles of this 12-step program in my life i found that there were things i wasnt so readily willin to do. be honest, have integrity, be lovin and forgivin, these are things i always thought i was, but only on my terms. if i wanted true freedom i had to learn to live these things truthfully, not the way i thought they should be lived. freedom to be me required i follow someone else rules and regulations fer once in my life. i found that after doin this i had awakened a true freedom in my life. i had found an acceptin God which in turn helped me to be honest, lovin, forgivin, acceptin and gave me the courage to have a sense of true integrity in my life. today i get to enjoy many liberties due to recovery. flexibility and peace of mind are two characters which had eluded me fer an exceedingly long time in the days of doin my dirt. even early into recovery i missed these pleasurable assets of life. this mornins readin uses the word painstakin, as a definition of the process it takes fer me to get to where i may want to be. it also uses the words, phase, and development. i think these are very carefully placed words with deep meanin that i must understand to gain the freedom i hope to grow into. movin through the spiritual principles at the midpoint of the process of the steps, or phase, in my life i began to feel new things grow or develop within me. livin life today can still be taxin or not easy fer me; life can be very painstakin to get through sometimes. feelin the liberty and happiness the spiritual principles of this thing we do gives me, brings me hope that growth from within is still occurrin. it provides faith that my life can be, and most importantly, is lived with love and forgiveness, fulfillin the promise this thing we do says it will. it allows me the freedom to be me. today i get to experience and live with flexibility and peace of mind. 1 day @ a time…

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