i had been taught to give as a child, but never did it. i was always selfish and self-centered, the world owed me, and just because i got mine didnt mean i had to share it with ya. when ya got yours before i got mine, ya were the asshole, and i was pissed at ya! learnin this, givin without strings, is a new concept to me. i have to work at it and i try hard every day with my HPs help to let go of selfish and self-centered ideas. i practice givin without strings to the best of my ability. since i have come into this thing we do my life has gotten better. its not that i have gained messes of material wealth either. it has gotten better due to the fact that i have learned how to love and learned how to forgive, it is an inner wealth. with these found attributes i have been able to give more of me than ever before. it has become a gift to give back and give what i have been given. it has been a metamorphosis, a transformational change, toward growin integrity. learnin how to live, as if, and followin through with healthy indifference to the stressors around me, i get to blossom from within coz recovery has shown me how to make the positive changes needed to overcome the self-centered fears which make me stingy. a fear faced is a fear erased. 1 day @ a time…

corn fed not inbred michigan white trash...

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