after i had been in the prog fer a lil while and the drinkin thoughts calmed i still had to work on my "crazy as a shit house rat" thinkin. ive learned in this thing that drinkin was but a symptom of a greater underlyin issue. that issue bein a spiritual malady that must be overcome if i wanted to straighten out mentally and physically. there were things i had to come face to face with and deal with. i needed somethin stronger than i to do this. i needed my newly found friends, my sponsor, and my HP. my spiritual health has come by a willingness to accept and amend the things i have done wrong to others and to myself. allowin Him to help has been a key to this success. gettin to know and understand what spirituality truly is was a lesson i needed to learn. i never really thought much about it or really even cared about what it was or the effects it could have upon my life. as i lived the principles of this thing we do i began to realize and understand how my life was changin. i began to see how these spiritual principles were takin root and formin within, changin my values and beliefs and i began to see more of a purpose fer my life. i even began to want to have a state of consistent consensus and balance from the inside that flowed outward. this was somethin i never thought i would want in life. fer me, i had to adapt or change how i did things. gainin discipline i began personal rituals of meditation, prayer, and livin my life like it had meanin. from these daily actions spiritual health became a basis from within fer love and forgiveness. 1 day @ a time…

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