i still struggle with lifes lil trips, just coz i got sober dont mean i aint gonna trip and fall over my broken shoelace. the trick is, what am i gunna do when this happens? my sponsor tells me to be someone that brings somethin to the party, not takes away from it. this is an opportunity to show all who are watchin what this thing we do has done fer me. i get to show and tell, kinda, and be a positive attraction rather than the one they say, "i knew he couldnt do it fer long." i get to let my HP show others what He has done fer me. a shoelace only costs a buck fitty. i lived my life fer a long time not knowin or understandin what it meant to be genuinely happy from within. i would use others and other things which were outside of me to feel joy. with those delusions i felt i was made to be free. those outside resources only lasted fer so long. when those resources were used and gone, soon the emptiness came which increased the loneliness i seemed to always suffer from. today i have tools i can use to overcome bein disturbed, depressed, and bound. it is my choice to use what i have been freely given so as to not create more misery fer myself. anger, fear, and frustration, are not the fault of anyone else but me. i have the power today to use times that are tough, as buildin blocks toward solid good recovery and life. to be happy, joyous, and free is my lot in life today. 1 day @ a time…

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