The early days of recovery are not easy but it can be done one moment at a time. For me i had to read a meditation book of recovery each day first thing. I simply then asked please help me stay sober and clean each day. I went to meetings and I listened to women. I would write down there screen name and private message them and get a phone number or ask for help from them. They always replied. There are women who are willing to help us always. It may take some patience and understanding. In time you find a sponsor. Most of us also have a way to go online and search google and simply search for AA online. There are answering services most everywhere today. Call someone before you get desperate. Tell them what is going on and they will have suggestions. The books of AA and NA are available free at and to read free. if you are wondering if you have a problem there are questions to answer at each site. Finally on this site you can put on burning desire and i guarantee you someone will respond as soon as possible.

I am an alcoholic addict. I am so happy, joyous and free as I walk this path of recovery being honest, openminded and willing to change the old me into a free lady..

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