With Love from a suburban area, about two hours outside of Philadelphia, PA, I bring your Recovery Resources from the State of Texas. We are all Connected. Without further ado, I present the *Basic Text of Narcotics Anonymous:
https://www.recoverytexas... We will be reading the first three chapters & then writing a journal on here, if you choose, or on WordPress, if you've an inclination to get a little bit fancy... where doesn't matter. It's the connections that count; the reading of the Narcotics Anonymous Literature; personal connections to the text, itself, & and an exploration of one's own personal commitment to Recovery itself, by exploring how Honest we are; How Open Minded we can be during, what is, essentially a Healing Process. While my first contact with NA was in 1996 in North Philadelphia/Kensington, the meeting was presented to me, by another Dual Diagnosis sister, as "something to rock my world." That it did. I remember the sign on the wall "If Your Way Was So Good, What The HELL Are You Doing Here?" I'm not sure if it is "Way" or "Life" on the sign, so apologies to the awesome fellowship that initiated my entrée into Recovery, as a college Sophomore. Indeed, I was "sophmoric," (like an idiot) & fumbled along, trying to deal with addiction in my own way as I graduated & became a B.A. in Liberal Studies, the only degree that I could get, combining the English, Literature, Writing & Education Courses that I took, while not negating the fact that I switched my major to Psycho-Biology upon receiving a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder. I am no Recovery Miracle; I implore you not to model my initial path of fighting everyone, every thing, every where I set my feet. That path is a path of jails, institutions & death... I live with drop foot (I will return to edit & finish in a week; give yourself a week-ish to complete, if you need it. Meeting now...)

I have been on here for quite some time, but occasionally, my partner, is also going to start joining me, for meetings that strike his own personal Recovery fancy.

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