I have heard this said many times by many different people. "What doesn't break you makes you stronger" But is it all of it? Is it true for everyone? I'd like to suggest that without recovery work it leads to built up resentment. I'd like to suggest that the full statement should be, "What doesn't break you makes you stronger AFTER you have done recovery work and come to terms with resentment and other resulting emotions"

19th October 2020. Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Please IF YOU ARE FEMALE, do not reply to my private messages. If I send you a private message, I am most probably acting out my desire for flirting & acceptance to "prove" I've "still got it" ... I can easily find genuine reasons to compliment you (likely related to your share) but really, you most likely appreciate anonymity and I have to learn not to seek acceptance this way ... I will look at friend requests however. I do not view friend requests necessarily as flirting on my part. Yours maybe :-) Sometimes I really do need to talk to someone who understands what it means to be in ACA or ACoA or live with Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN). Otherwise, I am happy to have found a bunch of people who are on the the same page

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