Hello, I've tried to quit drinking a handful of times before this one. But they never stuck. A few weeks ago, I hit my rock bottom. My addiction has destroyed my marriage. But then something amazing happened two days ago. Because I've been enduring the stages of grief over my wife leaving me, I go on a lot of walks. Well, I was walking, fighting the pain in my heart, actual physical pain. When I said something stupid. “Alright Jesus, I’ll give you one more chance if you give me one.” I know, heck of a way to address a higher power. Now I’ve asked Jesus into my life a few times before, I grew up in the church. But this time something happened that hadn’t happened before. A wave of euphoria washed over me, for an instant it wobbled me. But then the pain in my chest subsided, and it was easier to breath. Even my stride quickened. Now I still have moments of pain, especially when I see my wife. I still see her; we have four kids together. But the pain is easier to endure, and less frequent. I’ve tried AA a few times before, but this time I asked for help. Before I tried to do it myself, but this time not only did I reach up, but I reached out to others. So simple right. All you have to do is reach out and reach up. Why did I have to hit rock bottom to finally get it. Perhaps pain is the tool our higher power uses to chisel away our rough edges. With love, I hope you all reach up, and reach out.

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